‘We’re not taking them lightly’ – Widnes boss Dave Dempsey discusses Prescot Cables clash

John McGrath celebrates scoring the winning goal against Prescot Cables for Widnes

Widnes manager Dave Dempsey is looking for his side to learn their lessons from the City of Liverpool defeat when they go head-to-head with Prescot Cables.

Their impressive run came to an end on Tuesday as Michael Ellison’s side edged past thanks to Josh Quarless’ goal.

But for Widnes, their winning spell saw them allow breathing space between themselves and the drop zone.

However, the gap between Dempsey’s side and Cables stands at six points after Kevin Lynch’s side put on a good run themselves – which came to an end against Mossley.

The last time the two faced each other, they ran out the victors thanks to John McGrath’s goal but the Widnes boss is under no illusions that it will be a different spectacle.

He told Off The Park: “Being one down at half-time, the games not done and dusted, we still had moments to capitalise on chances in the second half but we never managed to put them away.

“First half we were awful, [it] was genuinely the worst performance since I’ve been here so it’s disappointing. But we don’t dwell on it and we look to move on quickly on Saturday. 

“Disappointment with the loss, when I’ve reflected, it was just a frustrating night and we never got going right from the start, I don’t know if that’s the emotion of players who’ve played for City of Liverpool before going there with a point to prove.

“I can’t put my finger on it. I’m putting it down to a one-off, we’ve picked a side they’ve been incredible over the last couple of months, the lads are good enough, maybe it was one game too far. 

“I’ve cast eyes over Prescot and watched them over the last couple of weeks. They’ll be hard-working, tenacious, they won’t give in at any point in the game and recruited well, we need to be at our best as we do with every game in this league.

“It’s a game we can go and win, it’s about how we apply ourselves, we need to learn our lessons from City of Liverpool and if we don’t apply ourselves how we’re supposed to we’ll get stung. Hopefully it’s lessons learned and the boys will kick on. 

“They will be and we’ll be a different team as well [from last time they met] if you looked at both sides that night, there’s four or five changes in both teams, both teams have improved.

“I’m not expecting it to be a walkover I’m expecting a close game, we’re not going to take them lightly, the league table is the league table but it doesn’t reflect Prescot.

“They’ve had some great results in recent weeks, they’re grinding out results when they’re not playing the best like Newcastle. What they did against Newcastle, they fought and got that second goal.

“It’ll be a good, close game one where both teams want to win and have to win. We’re looking forward to it hopefully we can be on the right end of the result on Saturday.”

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