Widnes left reeling after ‘frustrating’ Colne defeat as Glossop North End targeted for reaction

Widnes manager Dave Dempsey

Widnes boss Dave Dempsey has expressed his frustration as they slipped to defeat against Colne.

With no match on Saturday, they were forced to wait until Tuesday to follow up on their win over Workington, however a goal in each half from Jon Macken’s side handed Widnes a defeat.

Whilst they still sit outside the top-half, they will be looking to overcome Glossop North End when they return to the DCBL Stadium to make it six points out of a possible nine, a realistic target set prior to the run.

He told Off The Park: “I said to the players they’re the banana skins for the better sides in the league when they’re going for playoffs, obviously that’s our vision over time or the next year or two to be in a position where we’re pushing, competing at the right end of the table.

“They’ve gone from playing at 1200 fans at Workington against top of the league to playing on a miserable Tuesday night against Colne. What happened was exactly what I said could’ve happened, we got complacent, we got out worked, which is what we’ve prided ourselves on in the last few months.

“Certainly, in the first half, second half it [workrate] was better, had an injury on half-time, it was just one of those nights and a frustrating one. 

“You can’t play football at Colne, it’s the same for both sides so I’m not going to use that excuse, they’ve got some good individuals and speaking to Jon [Maken] and other people they’ve played well the last few weeks and not got the result they deserve.

“We’ve been in that position, we know what it’s like, when you’re scrapping for points against teams that are ‘safe’, you have that extra spring in their step and more on the line for them to win the game and that was evident.

“Shouldn’t be the case, my players should be able to work hard, that’s a given in any team, but it was one of those nights a frustrating one, culmination of pitch, injuries, lads missing, but the lads on the pitch didn’t deliver and you’re not going to get results in this league if you don’t. 

“If we can get a result against Glossop… we’ve had Workington, Colne, Glossop where a win against will give us six points in nine. In the grand scheme of things, going into them, if you earmarked them realistic tally of points would be six.

“[Theoretically] having got nothing against Workington, Colne on paper and Glossop at home are winnable. We’re not in any worse position, thats what the players have to think about game by game see how many we can get. Glossop on Saturday is one we want to be competing to get the three points.”

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