‘We’ve thrown the league away’ – Skelmersdale United manager Paul McNally addresses NWCFL promotion-race

Wythenshawe overcame Skelmersdale United

Skelmersdale United manager Paul McNally has admitted the promotion race in the NWCFL Premier Division is out of their hands but still remains hopeful.

Skem currently sit second with Wythenshawe Town and Charnock Richard eyeing a place in the promotion playoff position.

Macclesfield extended their gap at the top of the table with a hard-earned win over Runcorn Town.

Congleton’s draw with Wythenshawe in midweek provided a boost for Skem but McNally feels despite being in a good position, they’ve only got themselves to blame.

“We done what we had to do similar to against Northwich Vics. We played well enough without actually going above and beyond, 2-0 was probably the right result,” he told Off The Park.

“It’s not in our hands anymore. We’ve just got to win as many games as we can so that we end up second, hopefully they’ll slip up at some point.

“We have to play Charnock, but I still don’t know if it’s in our hands even if we beat Charnock. It is what it is at this stage of the season, we’ve got four games left, we’ve got to take each game as it comes and we know that our fate is not in our own hands so it’s unfortunate. 

“We’ve had a tough run [over the last 10] but injuries, I don’t think the squads been big enough, elements of the weather at times.

“Certain games have been postponed for teams, they’ve not had games and ours have carried on. It’s just timing, sometimes it happens, sometimes you need that in this league a little bit of timing, the right time to play a game and a right time not.

“I’ve got no complaints, they’ve got to put points on the board and we haven’t. We learn from our mistakes. 

“We are still in a good position, most teams would snatch our hands off for our position but it’s not the position I hoped to be in.

“I believe we’ve thrown the league away. I don’t believe Macclesfield have won it – although they have on paper – I believe it’s through our inconsistencies has give them it, it’s also brought Wythenshawe and Charnock into the picture.

“We’ve only got ourselves to blame because if we’d have carried on as we were we wouldn’t have been talking about where we are. 

“They’re a good side Squires Gate, I watched them against Lower Breck. Hopefully we can get back to winning ways, hopefully we can put a run together from now until the end of the season and there’s no guarantees on us putting that run together. We try and take each game as it comes.”

[Featured image: Paul Moran]

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