Prescot Cables details Leek Town ‘suckerpunch’ as they gear up for ‘massive’ Colne clash

Prescot Cables in action against Leek Town.

Prescot Cables manager Kevin Lynch felt their defeat to Leek Town was a ‘suckerpunch’ after their performance.

The playoff contenders ran out 1-0 winners at the IP Truck Parts stadium despite Prescot Cables enjoying extended pressure on their opponent’s goal.

Lynch admitted that the blemish on their record was a missed opportunity, he told Off The Park: “I’d definitely say so [an opportunity missed].

“It’s a sucker punch in terms of dominating them all of the first half. It was a strong wind first half, second half I felt we were forcing it a little bit because the lads were so desperate to get into the game but they were then forcing it too much but I couldn’t fault their effort.

“They give everything, if they keep that intensity, how they play, the luck will change. 

“Sometimes when you’re down there you probably over analyse more than you would normally because you are where you are.

“I think on reflection, the good thing is we’re creating chances, getting into them positions, it’d be more of a worry if we weren’t creating anything or getting in the positions to take them.

“We just need just that little bit of composure but I can’t fault the lads, we’re doing everything. It’s just the lads being a bit more clinical. 

“If you go back to Mossley, we were on top there. Even right up until the goalkeeper got sent off, we still had the lion share of possession.

“Widnes was the same, first half we should’ve taken our chances but it’d be more challenging if we didn’t have them opportunities or the lads were giving their all. The lads are trying to so hard, what you have to do is score first, especially against Widnes, Leek – you take the opportunities when they arrive.

“I think that’s the case, if we can take our chances when they come, try get in front and it’ll be the same against Colne.

“They’ll be fighting for their lives so we definitely need to score first. We’ve just got to stick with keep our heads down, the lads are full of belief, there’s no lack of confidence we need to keep going. 

“It is a massive game but we can’t overhype it too much. I won’t put too much pressure on the players, they’ve got to go express themselves. We’ll prepare well, it is a massive game, we’ll go there confident and give a good account of ourselves.”

[Featured image: John Middleton]

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