Northern Premier League issue statement amid City of Liverpool and Bootle ground dispute

The Northern Premier League have released a statement surrounding the dispute between City of Liverpool and Bootle.

The Northern Premier League have said they will ensure City of Liverpool complete the 2023/24 season but says they can not intervene in their dispute with Bootle.

The governing body expressed their disappointment that their offer of mediation wasn’t taken up, although they do not specify which club or both – despite City of Liverpool’s statement suggesting otherwise.

Bootle confirmed on Monday that their groundshare agreement with the Purps had been terminated with immediate effect due to a “material breach”, adding to say that they must “protect the interests” of the committee, players and fans.

City of Liverpool responded late on Monday night claiming they will seek compensation as they will face ‘significant costs’ finishing the season – calling Bootle’s allegations ‘ludicrous’.

Initially when approached by Off The Park in light of Bootle’s statement, the Northern Premier League declined the opportunity to comment. However, on Tuesday, they spoke out as the dispute rages on.

In a statement, the league wrote: “The NPL notes the recent statements made by Bootle FC and City of Liverpool FC.

“The league became aware of a dispute between our member clubs Bootle FC and City of Liverpool FC 24 hours before the scheduled game v Widnes on 20th January.

“The league immediately offered to mediate between the two parties and is disappointed that this offer was not taken up.

“Ultimately, however, this is a dispute between landlord and tenant in which the NPL has no powers to intervene.

“Our overriding responsibility is to the integrity of the competition and to ensuring that all fixtures remaining are fulfilled.

“The League will continue to work with City of Liverpool FC to ensure the club completes the 2023/24 season.

“In accordance with FA rules, City of Liverpool FC has until 31st March 2024 to provide a compliant Groundshare Agreement with another club with the necessary grade to maintain its place at Step 4 of the National League System.”

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