‘No bigger incentive’ – Gary Moore eyes Lower Breck response in FA Vase repeat

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Lower Breck manager Gary Moore has earmarked their FA Vase clash as a ‘big incentive to bounce back from their FA Cup defeat.

*This is the transcript from Off The Park’s interview with Lower Breck manager, Gary Moore. Lower Breck exited the FA Cup following a 5-1 defeat to Emley AFC, they face Penistone Church in the FA Vase on Saturday.

Thougts on the performance vs Emley: “We wasn’t good, make no bones about it, the performance wasn’t good from the first 10 minutes, it looked like individuals.

“We made mistakes – they did too, misplacing passes – but ultimately, they moved us about the pitch a lot better than we did. We just didn’t play our brand of football, from then, you’re making mistakes and before you know it [we’re behind].

“For the first goal, Theo [Roberts] is unsighted but he’s held his hands up that it wasn’t good enough then gave a penalty away, he knows himself it’s not good enough.

“We got a lifeline, at 2-0, right on half-time but it glossed over a poor performance and second-half, we wasn’t great at all, had a man sent off, had an injury but by that time we’d used all our substitutions. It was one of those last 20 minutes where you want the whistle to go, it wasn’t a great performance.

“Could we have beaten them? Of course we could, could we beat Widnes in the next round? Of course we could, but you don’t win games like that. It was an eye-opening performance but we’re not beating ourselves up about it.”

Opportunity to bounce back this weekend: “There’s no bigger incentive [to put things right], you don’t usually play from the FA Cup into the FA Vase.

“We’ve had a few lads sitting on the outside in recent weeks, but the way it’s worked out with injuries and lads being away, we’ve got lads gunning for a shirt and they’re going to get an opportunity.

“It’s up to ourselves as a management team to pick the right side, there’s no perfect opportunity for these to bounce back.

“It’s a tough ask, FA Vase, can you get a run going in that? You’re never going to win the FA Cup, a lot of people have said that in the past, but you’ve got a great opportunity in the Vase, you’ve got an equal opportunity than any side in it.

“It’ll be a tough one, Penistone have made a good start, added some good lads in, they know about us, we know about them but it’s about how we play.”