Christmas Special: Marine AFC manager Neil Young

Marine manager Neil Young during their win over 1874 Northwich in the Northern Premier League

For Christmas 2021, Off The Park ask managers of the clubs they speak to the burning questions in a quickfire manner.

Which style of football do you prefer tiki-taka or route one?

At this level you’ve got to be pragmatic, you’ve got to pick a team and find a way. If you’re watching it you prefer to keep the ball and pass it but I think for our level you’ve got to deal with the pitch, the opposition and see what you’ve got 

Last-minute winner or last-minute penalty save?

Last minute winner’s always. 

Hard-hitting midfielder or nimble playmaker?

At our level I like our players to be robust, tackle. Strong and can play a bit always beats the one who just wants to pass it and not get involved.

Favourite managerial memory?

I’ve had a few to be honest. Obviously, last year beating Colchester was a big memory then going on to play Tottenham. Winning three league championships on the bounce with Chester – never been done before or since. They’re the two that stand out for me.  

1 player from an old team you’d put in the current squad?

The one that stands out would be Antoni Sarcevic – was captain of Bolton now at Stockport.  

1 player from the current squad you’d put in one of your former teams?

A man who has the potential to be is Mark Howarth. These lads are young and haven’t reached half their potential yet and when I’ve been in the conference I’ve bought ready-made players, but at this moment in time, Mark Howarth has the potential. 

[Featured image: Susan Nugent]

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