Lower Breck boss discusses ‘eye-opening’ run after Macclesfield and Squires Gate defeats

Lower Breck concede a third late on against Squires Gate

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore has discussed the problems his side are facing after two more defeats were added to their record.

After a resolute and firm performance for over an hour against league leaders Macclesfield, Danny Whittaker’s side soon drew blood and continued their merciless run with four unanswered goals, despite a valiant effort from Lower Breck.

Thursday saw Squires Gate leave Anfield Sports with three points as the Breck failed to make chances count after a mix of last-ditch defending from the visitors and mistakes across the pitch from the hosts.

Moore explained that the dismal run, which continued this week, is not only an eye-opener for himself and the club but a learning curve too as they look to soften the damage of their form.

“A good 60-65 minutes [against Macclesfield] we were happy at half-time, we done a job, we had to work our socks off in and out of possession,” he told Off The Park.

“They had one great chance themselves [first half] that should’ve been a goal but we did. We missed from 10 yards out, we’ve had the big chance of the game to go 1-0 up, we hit the inside of the post ran across the line and went out for a goal kick.

“The warning signs were there that we were losing legs in the middle of the park, but they’re good, clever, put the ball in the areas.

“They made two or three subs that changed the game but for 65 we were pleased. One of those days. Ste Milne’s cracked the bar, Kieran Holsgrove hit the post, Jamie Menagh had a chance. You’ve got to get that first goal in the game.

“As we’ve seen in the last few games or couple of months, we lose a goal and we’re a little bit weak. The fourth goal was a blow, that deflated everyone, it’s not a 4-0 scoreline, certainly isn’t. We gave a good account of ourselves but we want a bit more than that. 

Squires Gate inflicted the latest blemish on their league record with a 3-1 win, Moore added: “We start the game very, very well. We’ve had one off the line, they’ve just cut us apart with one pass. We got a great goal back through Sean Miller and had a few chances then same again second half we’ve come out nowhere near good enough.

“We’ve had a chance off the line, another one-on-one and they just go up from a set-piece. That’s our issue, out of possession, I feel sorry for the back four because they’re doing all they can but out of possession we don’t work hard enough. I think two of the goals are one ball, two balls maximum and the others a set-piece, poor goals.

“It’s an eye-opener. It’s a learning curve. Every defeat you learn from but we’re sick of saying the same thing in the dressing room and getting the same responses from players. We’ve got a couple of lads playing for themselves, that is the bottom line.

“You’ve got time to recycle the football and you don’t, or have the opportunity to play the easy ball and you don’t, you get punished, that’s what happens. We’re getting punished for not doing the simple things in possession.

“We’re changing personnel, we know what we need, we said it a few weeks ago lads are playing for their futures and no matter who you are, if you’re making more mistakes, you’re only giving us more ammo to bring in other players.

“We’ve brought in quality players in recent weeks but in respect to Tommo, he’s been brought in with an injury, we’ve brought Warren [Gerrard] in who hasn’t played in weeks/months so he’s got to get up to speed, it’s not good for anyone. I’ll add Ste Hoy into that as well, you bring lads in and chins are on the chest, they’re down.

“It’s not the best time to bring players in but we need them. The foundations is there, the nucleus but we do need to add to it. In some of these interviews it comes across super negative but it’s not, you’ve got to be honest and open.

“For 15-20 minutes [against Squires Gate] it was a lot more like us. We’re just hurting ourselves at the minute, no matter how hard we play, we keep hurting ourselves and if we keep doing that we’re not going to get out the rut. 

For the Breck, they face a team in a similar sticky run of form in Congleton who have won one of their last six.

“Congleton are a tough side, we went there got beat 3-2, we had 10 men for 45 minutes and we’ve gave a great account of ourselves,” he continued.

“It was probably the start of a few players having to leave to be honest because wrong attitudes and know-it-all’s in the squad when you try change things and other lads think they know best then we went on a run after it.

“I’m confident going into every game with the team we have, all the teams we play in the next couple of weeks, they’re in and around us, I’m confident we’ll beat anyone we’ll only do it with lads playing as a team.

“We’ve told them to watch the performances back and their own, they don’t like it, watch what they’re doing and that’s the only way to stop it.”

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