Lower Breck slip to fourth straight defeat as rebuild process in the works

Lower Breck players line up ahead of kick-off

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore says a rebuild process is underway as they slumped to defeat against Avro and Vauxhall Motors.

The losses added to their run which extended to four straight defeats.

Avro had problems of their own going into the clash as their joint managers left their roles but made no mistake in returning to Greater Manchester with all three points.

Ste Milne gave Lower Breck the lead against Vauxhall but two goals in 10 minutes from Mick McGraa’s side inflicted another blemish on their record.

Up next for the Breck is a difficult trip to Charnock Richard who held promotion-chasing Macclesfield after a late strike from Jordan Darr.

“Saturday not good, simply not good enough, we [management] couldn’t do no more, I told the lads there’s a 101 million reasons that we can use but at the end of the day you’re putting a side out there, in my name and the clubs name, what we expect out of them,” Moore told Off The Park.

“Avro had a bad week, losing the two managers and two of their better players were unavailable through suspension, one on the bench, but I told the lads prior to the game they’ll go out there and give 110 per cent, it’ll be a proper team performance.

“Even though we started well, as soon as the first goal went in we were a shadow. I thought we had a good team talk and might get a reaction and we didn’t – quite the opposite.

“That was certainly an eye-opener. Tuesday, I thought was a poor game. We took the lead, a mistake capitalised on that and you want to build on that but still a bit flat at half-time.

“We’ve gone out, don’t like saying it, but the man in the middle had his own agenda I thought, Josh [Molloy] has made a great save and he’s gave a penalty, then on the back of that we get a player sin-binned for telling the referee wait till you watch the footage back and in that 10-minute spell we conceded two goals then you’re chasing the game.

“We didn’t create too much, it’s concern on the back of that but when your chips are down, things go against you, it’s been a tough week, tough couple of weeks. 

“It’s square pegs in round holes with a couple of lads, they’re doing a favour, we signed little Lewy Sharp to be our legs in midfield and prior to Longridge and Avro, he had to play right-back and we had a man sent off, that’s not what he’s come in for.

“We put him in centre mid and he was quality first half, he was all over the place, his work rate and desire was great.

“We’re bringing lads in to see where they are, we signed Kieran Holsgrove who’s going to be a great player for us, Tuesday night we didn’t get too much out of the game but you can see he’s trying.

“We’ve just got to keep chipping away, we know where we are in terms of personnel, we know what we’ve got to do and change.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s a rebuild as it stands. We can’t do it all at once, we’ve got to bring one in, one out and it has started, we’ve started the process. 

“All we asked for on Tuesday was to do the basics right, it didn’t have to be pretty and it wasn’t pretty first half – I thought it was a poor game.

“A few people agreed, a few disagreed, we were 1-0 up and had one or two down because the performance was flat and you don’t want that.

“But we’ve been pickpocketed on the halfway line, we’ve just got to lay it off but it’s been took then it’s over the defenders head, it’s not his head, but they’re excuses and I don’t like making them, I certainly don’t like putting the blame on the official because it’s a hard job but he’s got an important decision wrong, the footage proves that.

“We’re only human, we’re getting plenty wrong at the moment. Little things are going against us, not little things everything is going against us but at the end of the day, they say it’s swings and roundabouts I hope we get our go on it soon, everything’s going against us but at the same time, we’ve got to sort ourselves out.

“We need lads all on the same page and in it together, we’ll come through it but you’ve got to take this rough patch, it doesn’t get any easier going to Charnock Richard, chips are down but you’ve got to try and lift themselves. 

“Against a side I’ve got a lot of time for, adventurous, look to play, one of the best forwards in the league in Jordan Darr – quality,  quality player – Grimmy [Carl Grimshaw] has gone back his record speaks for itself.

“The way they play football, when you’re not playing them, is a pleasure to watch but we’ve beat them 4-0 this season, 5-1 at their place and they’ve beat us 2-1 at their place in the FA Cup so we know to beat them but you’ve got to go there and do what we say.

“It’s a tough 90 minutes, it’s another game we’ve got to try get something out of, we try with every game, the lads have got to do the right things, the basics, it’s the bare minimum, especially when you’re peeing in the wind so to speak.

“When your down on your luck, everyone’s down, the first goal goes in you’re like urgh we’ve all been it long enough, we’ve got characters in the dressing room, we need them to be leaders, we need to bring winners into the dressing room first and foremost, who want to buy into everything.”

[Featured image: Paul Moran]

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