Lower Breck look to move on quickly after Northwich Victoria collapse

Lower Breck in action against Padiham

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore labelled his side’s performance as “terrible” in their defeat to Northwich Victoria.

The Breck found themselves 5-0 down at the interval before the hosts added two more after the break for good measure.

It sees their winning run come to a disappointing halt after a run of four straight wins and five unbeaten in total.

Moore described the headache that they faced in the hours leading to the game after cases of COVID appeared in the ranks.

But despite the difficult preparations, Moore believes the manner in which they were dispatched was inexcusable.

“There’s so many words I could use, it was awful. From start to finish, from the first minute really we didn’t just look like us,” he told Off The Park.

“That wasn’t a Breck team out on that pitch after that first 45 especially but everything that could go wrong did go wrong brought upon ourselves. 

“We haven’t changed the team in the last five weeks in terms of defence, we’ve had the same defence for past five or six where we’ve been unbeaten.

“We had two late calls with COVID, we did speak to the league in terms of postponing the league because our keeper wasn’t feeling too well – I won’t go into great detail on what was said by the league – but it gives us concern that we just had to get the game played no matter.

“We’ve gone there with that on our mind and you don’t know if a few lads not in the right frame of mind but I’ll be honest the 14 lads we had on the day were all good enough to play for anyone in this league and good enough to get a result so you can’t take nothing away from Northwich, they mullered us in that first half.

“We had a lad who hasn’t kicked a ball in any respect in three months that’s how short we was. I’m not saying we were forced into it but we had to play the game. That being said, the 14 on the pitch were good enough to get the result and certainly wasn’t good enough. 

“Collapse is a good word for it, we watched the footage back and the goals are soft. The referee has killed us for the second one when a lads standing there with a boot in his hand and the balls out off play the referees looking at the player they take a throw-in, the referee lets it go then they score. It’s one of them days, from there we did collapse and it’s horrible to see but I certainly won’t berate lads and we didn’t.

“At half time, we’re getting beat 5-0 and it’s just a conversation with them and at full-time we didn’t need to speak, these lads aren’t stupid so they didn’t need no backlash.

“They got enough off the supporters because the supporters that travelled there they weren’t happy to see it, none of us was. It’s out of character, it’s not like this club to be on the end of a defeat like that but as a few people have said it’s three points at the end of the day if it was 1-0 or 7-0 it’s still only three points take that as a bit of solace, it was a dark, dark 90 minutes.”

[Featured image: Paul Moran]

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