‘Finish on a high’ – Gary Moore eyes Boxing Day success as Lower Breck look to finish strong

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore is targeting a strong finish to the calendar year with a win over Prestwich Heys after a topsy-turvy 12 months.

The Breck make the trip to Manchester on Boxing Day where they face Lee O’Brien’s side in their first game since the defeat to AFC Liverpool at the end of November.

A win for Moore’s side would see them move to within six points of Heys, meanwhile, should the hosts enjoy home advantage, it would edge them closer to the promotion pack.

“It’s one of those, Boxing Day, it’s a tough day for everyone, it’s certainly not a local game but it can be one of those games that you get a good win, good performance and you take that into the New Year then,” the Lower Breck boss told Off The Park.

“It’s a flick of a coin really, haven’t played for four weeks, you’re going to turn up and it’s who turns up in the best shape really.

“They probably had aspirations themselves when OB went in, they’ve had some great results, a bit like us, you have some great results and some you think you’ve gave the game away, threw points away that you were hoping to win.

“It’s just one of those days, Boxing Day is a tough one, travel-wise, player-wise, we’re short on numbers so we will be taking some of the kids but the team that travels whatever shape they’re in they’re going enough to win a game of football.

“You’ve got to get Boxing Day out the way, hopefully have a good away performance then take it into the New Year where it doesn’t get any easier with Avro who’re doing very, very well. I think it’s eight games in January so I don’t think it will get any easier as the New Year starts but let’s finish this one on a high.”

[Featured image: Paul Moran]

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