‘Seen it too many times’ – Lower Breck forced to rue familiar problem in FC Isle of Man defeat

FC Isle of Man celebrations @ Lower Breck

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore has been left to rue their performance during the defeat to FC Isle of Man.

Their 2-0 loss added to their recent run as they moved four games without a win. Charlie Higgins and Sean Doyle were on the scoresheet as the Ravens earned their revenge from the opening day defeat to the hands of the Breck – who were reduced to nine-men on the opening day.

It added another blemish to Lower Breck’s home record as the failed to bounce back from the defeat at Wythenshawe Town last time out.

Moore felt that the visitors fully deserved their win at Anfield Sports, he said speaking to Off The Park: “Isle of Man seemed to want it more than us, they got the basics right, they were full of running and energy.

“They do the simple things right, like many teams do against us, we just seemed to complicate things, I’ve said it a few times some lads treat the football like a beach ball at times it’s got to be simplified.

“Isle of Man were the far better side and the goal was always coming but it’s the same again, the goal comes from a bad mistake, a quick free-kick, we’ve won possession then we’ve lost it again.

“Silly mistakes and they’ve punished it, we’ve come out second-half and looked like we had a little bit about us but missed a sitter. That could’ve been 1-1 and right back in it and changes the momentum but Isle of Man fully deserve the points.

“We’ve been relatively good in the first-half this season, the second-half we haven’t come out and we know about the late goals we’ve conceded,” Moore added.

The performance on Saturday warranted a response from Breck supporters as their difficult run continued. The frustration is something that the manager understands.

He continued: “It wasn’t necessarily a slow start on Saturday, we didn’t help ourselves, we were so sloppy, these lads aren’t stupid and know how to play football it’s just not happening at the moment.

“When the pressure told on Saturday we buckled a little bit, when you watch the game back we had more chances than them but they were bad attempts, it only takes one of them on the day but a few of the supporters let it be known on Saturday that they wasn’t happy – which is a rarity.

“We can understand the frustrations over what they’ve seen over a certain period of time, we are looking to get it right, we have got a good group and we do need to add to it but we don’t go out to lose games but there’s a manner to lose them.

“There’s a manner to lose a game and we’ve lost a few games with poor performances and you do have them throughout the course of a season but we’ve had games where we’ve been beaten with a whimper and it can’t continue to happen.

“We’ve seen it a few too many times this year, the buck does stop with us because we pick the team and try to change things but at the same time, players have to be held accountable and we have to get it right.”

There is no game until Monday for the Breck as they look to finish strongly starting against Prestwich Heys on Monday. With the season in its closing stages, preparations are already underway for next season and with the introduction of playoffs at Step 5, there is a lot more at stake for clubs.

The Lower Breck manager continued: “We have a couple of games left in the season to end on a high, we’ve had some good results and we’ve been beaten in a couple of tight games but still, we’ve had too many defeats and it’s got to change especially when you go into next season where there’s a playoff. You can bet your bottom dollar every team will be having a go.

“You go into Prestwich and it’s a tough game. OB’s teams are always battlers and they haven’t been in a good position of late, they were in a strong position a few weeks ago but fell off a little bit so they will be wanting to finish on a high.

“Monday, Thursday and Saturday away at Squires Gate – we’re taking 50 on a coach, it’s that type of support that needs rewarding now.

“We have to start that on Monday, our regular supporters need to see more from us but it’s a new week, a big performance, bounce into Thursday and go into Saturday then we close the season against Remy who are flying at the moment. We know where we are and where we want to be but something has to change.”

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