Gary Moore reflects on ‘improved’ Lower Breck season as targets highlighted

Lower Breck management celebrate

Lower Breck manager Gary Moore says they have pinpointed their problems as they look to improve ahead of next season.

The curtain fell on the Breck’s season as they suffered a 1-0 defeat to Litherland REMYCA which meant they finished the campaign in 16th.

Despite a disappointing end to the campaign, they improved on their previous position of third from bottom from the previous campaign.

“It is an improvement [on last season] we’ve got to take it as that,” said Moore speaking to Off The Park reflecting on their campaign. “We said it to the lads, it’s chalk and cheese to the way we ended last season but this one, we had promise going into it, every side does going into pre-season and we thought we built a good side but it unravelled within a month or two.

“Same again, we’ve taken it as a massive learning curve and we’ve changed management to come on board to help.

“There’s positives from it but there’s major disappointment as well, we know where we’ve gone wrong and that’s the main thing, you can pinpoint something, we know where we let the season get away from us and it’s something we have to rectify next season – especially with the playoffs.”

In a first for the division, from next season there will be playoffs in the North West Counties Premier Division. This will see the end of the inter-step playoff for those who finish in second with teams who finish between second and fifth now vying for promotion.

The move was praised when it was announced as it looks set to put an end to the league campaign being a foregone conclusion for clubs who miss out on second.

However, Moore suspects that it will add competitiveness to the Premier Division. He added: “You can say we’ve finished a few places higher, can you go even higher? But every team is going to say the same, a lot of sides have finished the season well but it opens it up to even if you have a poor start, you’re still in the hunt.

“Everyone is going to hang in there, no matter how poor the start, it can end in dramatic style. Every side is going to have a right go but it’s got to be the intention and the intention can’t just be playoffs, it’s got to be from one to five.

“If you’re not aiming to win at the start, you might as well give up, the focus has got to be on building a more settled side and one we can move forward with.

“We’ve got targets, we do want to have a break but it doesn’t stop,” said Moore looking ahead to next season. “We finished on Saturday, it was like an end of season game on Saturday, we didn’t deserve to get beat but Remy are on an unbelievable run.

“You’re sitting there looking to draw a line under it but the next day you’re on the phone. We’ve had targets for a number of weeks, we need to start pencilling a few in, we know where our games are, start date for pre-season, it’s all clicked into place.

“We’ve got to get the group back and see what we can build on, the positives this season, we beat most of the top teams this season, had good games against the other ones, we dropped too many points in too many games.

“That’s football but you’ve got to turn the corner in that regard, you have to take your hats off to Vauxhall, Mick [McGraa] mentioned they hadn’t had to sign a player from September to February or maybe signed one, it’s some going and if you can do that, you’re going to be in a much better position come April.”

[Featured image: Paul Moran]

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