Lee Bignell accepts defeat as he hopes determination grows within Prescot Cables

Prescot Cables during win over Kidsgrove Athletic

Prescot Cables were dealt their first league defeat under caretaker boss Lee Bignell as they fell to the might of Trafford.

It was the second game in a matter of days in a week of turmoil for the Cables side after a change in management and loss of their captain and vice-captain.

Fresh off their win over Kidsgrove Athletic, Cables had a sense of confidence as they looked to have turned the corner but the strength and fluidity of the hosts proved too much for Prescot.

But for the caretaker boss, he believes his side can take what they learned from the defeat and implement it into future performances.

“I’m not going to shirk over it they were a top, top side and played some great football, they fully deserved the win to be honest. Could we have done better in certain areas? Yes we could’ve most definitely. We did look a little bit tired, we had a tough one Saturday they had a free week, it showed.

“We stood off them a little bit too much at times, probably give them too much respect but the lads had a good go until the end and didn’t stop trying. They kept knocking on the door until the last minute when we were having attempts on goal but ultimately they were the better side and they fully deserved the win. 

“It was entertaining to watch, being a football man you can only enjoy it. The way they played I’ll go away and take a few little bits and will try and implement it in the way we play.

“Obviously, you need the right calibre of player to be able to do that so I’ll look at our personnel and see where we can implement aspects of their game into our game, it was good to watch and it was entertaining so if I can get us working in a style which is my style but in a similar way to that then it is definitely something I’d try. 

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“We knew they were up there in the league, they’ve had a few really good results against good sides, I’m not going to use tiredness as an excuse but it was there mentally and physically I think the lads, just as much as I said I was drained, the lads have probably been drained by all this as well.

“They’re things we can look at and learn from and we’ll focus on Saturday. Do I need to shuffle the pack because lads were tired? Maybe so, it’s things we can look and hopefully improve on. 

“I’d of liked to take something from both games but to take three points from two away games it’s not the end of the world, we’ve got three home games, the priority now is we win the three home games. We win them three home games and everyone forgets about last nights loss.

“It does add that little bit of determination now, I said to the lads this feeling you’ve got after losing that game remember how it feels  because Saturday, that’s gone we have to make sure we don’t have that losing feeling again, hopefully going into Saturday they’ll be a little more fired up and make that wrong right I know I certainly do and the staff do so I’m tomorrow the lads will do too.”

[Featured image: John Henry – Prescot Cables]