‘Have no fear’ – Andy Burgess sends Southport message ahead of Brackley Town test

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Southport caretaker manager Andy Burgess is pleased with the signs but says they must turn it into wins.

*This is a transcript from Off The Park’s interview with Southport caretaker, Andy Burgess. They face Brackley Town and Chorley as they look to end their winless run.

Thoughts on the defeat to Boston: “There were loads of positives, loads of really good things, things that we asked the players to do slightly differently and implement a different style.

“We wanted to get up the pitch a different way, play a few more passes before going longer and it was really tough after the game. We felt we controlled long periods, the players bought into what we wanted to do, moved it really well but what we didn’t do is create enough chances in the final third.

“Saying that, we had three really good chances in the first half, you’d like to think that we’d take one – if you do it could change the game.

“There was lots of really good stuff but after the game, I said to the players ‘well done for trying to do things we’ve asked to do but the overriding feeling is we lost the game and still in a difficult place’.

“We went through the stats and video of the game [in training] and if we play like that, continue to develop that style then results will come. Hopefully the players believe in that and the result is just around the corner.”

Are you kept updated about the managerial situation? “No, absolutely not [updated on managerial situation].

“It’s not been mentioned from Ian, it’s sort of get on with the job until we hear otherwise, we’re in constant contact with Ian – I spoke to him within the last five minutes [prior to the interview] about players. I speak to Morgs, probably more than both of us speak to our wives at the minute.

“We’re working really hard for the now, for what we need, we’re planning for the next weekend. It’s a big weekend ahead, Brackley then Chorley so we’ve got lots of thinking and planning to do. In terms of our position, we will be a lot stronger, in a better when we get results, if we get results, that’s all we’re focused on.”

On the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend fixtures: “No one is going to feel sorry for us, I’ve said that to the players. No one is going to say ‘It’s Southport, people are going to feel sorry for us’, they’re going to keep their foot on our throats.

“We’ve got to be prepared for that, we have to use that to our advantage, people maybe thinking it’ll be easier. I’m sure Brackley will be prepared, they’ve got experienced, they’ve brought in players who have played in the Football League.

“We know it’s going to be tough and they’re going to ask questions of us going into their backyard. They’re certainly not going to roll over for us and make it easy, we’ve got to be prepared for it but we’ve got to look forward to it – that’s all we can do.

“We’ve got to have no fear, we’ve got to look forward to it otherwise we may as well give up.”