‘Playing for their places’ – City of Liverpool manager Paul McNally calls for reaction vs Hanley Town after 1874 Northwich defeat

City of Liverpool Featured Image Off The Park

City of Liverpool manager Paul McNally says his side will stick together as they fight to climb up the table.

The Purps were handed another defeat in midweek as 1874 Northwich ran out 2-0 winners.

City of Liverpool remain at the foot of the Northern Premier League West table after the loss. ‘

McNally was left disappointed by the performance and felt the showing wasn’t “good enough”.

He told Off The Park: “Not good enough, not good enough as a team, we weren’t good enough on the night. First-half we created opportunities, second-half we created some still but we just weren’t good enough and the lads know that.

“We’ll look to work hard, we’ll look to bring a couple in this week and we’ll look to change the momentum. 

“The lack of fight, fitness, the lack of clear plan that we set out from the start. When we come in, we try to give them direction but they seemed to be muddled, unfocused, they just seemed to be lethargic, apart from one or two, as a group just lethargic and not enough desire and passion to win.”

As McNally waits for his first win since taking charge of the Purps, he remains confident that the tide will turn and they will move up the table.

“Implementing our methods, getting our structure together which is what we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks, we were hoping it was just settling in and really, I’m hoping it was a one-off performance,” he added.

“But it’s not because of where we are in the table, there’s clearly something wrong, we’re going to look to remedy that and get our point across. Training’s been fantastic, they’ve given their all but a clear, detailed structure and they have to stick to it.

“It sounds simple but it’s not, it’ll take time we know what we want to do, we have clear direction, we know where we want to be and what we want to do. We’ve done it before and we will do it again.

They travel to Hanley Town this weekend. The City of Liverpool boss has laid out plans for the squad.

“By giving everything in training, giving everything when they get the chance on the pitch and working hard, showing us they want to be apart of the team going forward,” he continued. “Everyone’s playing for their places, they’re all in, we’re all going to work hard, knuckle down and try push ourselves in the right direction. That’s the be all and end all, we all have two work together to push us up the table.

“We’ve got good players at the club, we want winners, we need leaders in the team. Lads who want to stand up and be counted. We ask for them to be brave, honest and committed and they’re the players we want.”

McNally has already beaten Hanley Town this season during his time at Skem. But he insists his side are not feeling sorry for themselves and can dig themselves out of the difficult patch.

He continued: “Couldn’t have asked for a tougher fixture after Tuesday but look, it’ll show me what we’ve got as a team, can we go there and put a performance in? We’re not going there to sit in, most definitely not, we’re going there to attack, put points on the table and we’re going there to cause an upset. Let’s not sit around and lick our wounds thinking that this is it, we’re doomed – we’re not.

“We’ve got a group of lads that if they’re committed and the people we bring in, we can go there and get points, Hanley will know that. We know they’re a very good team, we won’t be underestimating them, it’s not an easy game. In this league they’re all tough.

“Keep backing us, keep supporting us, those lads need that as much as we do, keep on our side because we will produce the goods. These are tough times, we’ve got it in our locker to get out of this and we will.”

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