Christmas Special: Widnes manager Dave Dempsey

Widnes manager Dave Dempsey

For Christmas 2021, Off The Park ask managers of the clubs they speak to the burning questions in a quickfire manner.

Which style of football do you prefer tiki-taka or route one?

I prefer to watch tiki-taka. 

Last-minute winner or last minute penalty save?

Last-minute winner. 

Hard-hitting midfielder or nimble playmaker?

Hard-hitting midfielder. 

Favourite managerial memory?

At Widnes, the 3-0 win over Bootle. The circumstances of the game, local Derby, I’d just took the job we were on a poor run. I think that’s what kickstarted the really good run that we had. I remember the dressing room after the game, the lads were buzzing. Then all my cup wins at Ashton were good memories too. 

1 player from an old team you’d put in the current squad?

Dylan Glass. 

1 player from the current squad you’d put in one of your former teams?

Fisnik Hajdari. 

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