Christmas Special: Skelmersdale United manager Paul McNally

Skelmersdale United were held by Macclesfield last timem out but Paul McNally hopes to continue the pressure on the league leaders.

For Christmas 2021, Off The Park ask managers of the clubs they speak to the burning questions in a quickfire manner.

Which style of football do you prefer tiki-taka or route one?

Tiki-taka is easy on the eye but it’ll be a mix in between. 

Last-minute winner or last-minute penalty save?

A last-minute winner all day long. 

Hard-hitting midfielder or nimble playmaker?

Hard-hitting midfielder. 

Favourite managerial memory?

FA Cup, Stafford last year, it got us to the first round and we went to their ground and won 4-1. 

1 player from an old team you’d put in the current squad?

Joey Jip. 

1 player from the current squad you’d put in one of your former teams?

Kenny Strickland. 

[Featured image: Barry Betts]

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