‘The results are what matter’ – AFC Liverpool manager Matt Potter makes admission following Litherland REMYCA win

AFC Liverpool celebrate winner against Litherland REMYCA

AFC Liverpool manager Matt Potter was pleased to pick up the three points against Litherland REMYCA despite the win being far from routine.

The Reds needed a stroke of luck in the dying embers of their derby meeting with the REMY as Tom Douglas’ speculative effort crept in to hand them the win.

Colin McDonald’s side could feel hard done by to not come away from Crosby with at least a point after the game being goalless for 87 minutes.

Johnny Foy hit the bar as Jamie Hay, James Hammill and Kieran Halligan all came close for the visitors.

Despite being far from their best, the AFC manager was left delighted with the outcome.

He told Off The Park: “I think it’s one of those ones where we come in today and it’s probably the most change we’ve had with a team so far with what we’ve had over the course of the season.

“People missing, away, in the derby you don’t know what to expect, we’re happy with the result, buzzing with it in fact. People watching it and passing will think we’ve got away with murder there so very happy.”

The game lacked any real quality but the visitors had the greater opportunities. Irrespective of the performance, Potter was pleased with the win despite feeling slightly disappointed at the showing.

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He added: “It was quite disjointed to what we’ve had with injuries, you take the rough with the smooth, you’re not going to get perfect performances all the time.

“With the lads who were there and weren’t there, there’s a lot of chopping and changing, you build momentum when things are settled. Tough one but again, the results are what matter at the end of the day.

“I said at the end there, 87th-minute winner, clean sheet, derby, we’re absolutely ecstatic with that one,” he said, discussing the manner in which the win came about.

“It’s not one where you’ve scored early in the game and had to sit and hang on. Last minute winners or towards the end of the game are what are the belting ones.”

After being asked if his side ‘got away with it’, Potter admitted: “I think it was one of them ones, they pinned us back in the first-half a lot.

“I don’t think we were good in the first half but we stayed in the game. Second half we were better and a little bit more on the front foot.

“I think if we lost we’d have been gutted, no one wants to lose a derby and we have then a lot of the ball. Overall, it was a game where there were not many or any clear cut chances but we take the points.”

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