AFC Liverpool ‘ready’ for in-form Charnock Richard

AFC Liverpool celebrate their late equaliser against Avro.

AFC Liverpool manager Chris Anderson says they will ‘be ready’ for Charnock Richard.

The Non League Reds salvaged a late point through Anthony Lyons to complete a dramatic comeback away at Avro.

AFC boss was left pleased to see his side reaffirming their mentality coming from a two-goal deficit, and not for the first time this season.

He told Off The Park: “I don’t think we played particularly well first half, they score off a set piece, we didn’t track the runner. They are a good side, we didn’t play particularly well but to go in 1-0 down I thought if we do anything better than that we come out with a result.

“We come out conceded after three minutes but I’d say that’s my fault because I changed the shape which gave more room for their wide player to run at Conchie so I take that on the chin. We’ve rectified it, changed shape immediately and got something out of the game so overall good point away. 

“The biggest concern that I had when we took over was the mentality of players and if they had that willingness regardless of the result to keep going.

“They’re showing me time and time again this season they can do it. 

“Very strong, good outfit, we’ve had good success against them this year. Got a draw away from home and a win in the cup.

“Obviously it’s a team we’ve done okay against previously. They’re trying to see if they can go any points in their late charge for second.

“They score goals and got top top players, it’ll be difficult game we’ll just have to be ready for it. 

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